Emily Jane Boyle is a Choreographer, Movement Director and Intimacy Director.

She creates movement and dance for theatre, musical theatre, film, television, editorials, commercials and large-scale events.

Movement Director

Nora: A Doll’s House

by Stef Smith

Citizens Theatre / Young Vic

Director Elizabeth Freestone
Designer Tom Piper
Composer and Sound Designer Michael John McCarthy
Lighting Designer Lee Curran

“The scene in the original play in which Nora contrives to dance with her husband becomes here a playful demonstration of how tastes have changed…The movement director EJ Boyle deserves praise.”

Clive Davis, The Times

“Ibsen’s story remains, for the most part, the same, but the three Noras swap in and out of it – usually one taking the lead at a time with the others as echoes: her actions and words reverberating and rippling into the other timelines, aided by EJ Boyle’s beautifully sensitive, echoing movement direction.”

Ava Wong Davies, What’s on stage